Institute Wise Summary of Verified Welfare Institutions and Hostels Reports

S.No.InstituteInstitute TypeTotal CapacityPresent strength
2 CWSN CHATRAWAS shivpuriHostal5050
3 District Excellence Boys Hostel ShivpuriHostal5050
4 govt excellence girls hostal shivpuriHostal5050
5 govt sc girls hostal fathepur shivpuriHostal5050
6 govt sc girls senior hostal shvpuriHostal5049
7 govt sc junior boys hostal surwayaHostal5050
8 govt sc naveen girls hostal shivpuriHostal5050
9 govt sc naveen pre matric girls hostal fourth shivHostal5050
10 govt sc pre matric girls hostal purani shivpuriHostal5050
11 govt sc pre matric girls hostal shivpuriHostal10099
12 govt sc senior boys hostal karondi thakurpura shivHostal5050
13 govt sc senior boys hostal thakurpura first shivpuHostal5050
14 govt sc senior boys hostal thakurpura shivpuriHostal5050
15 govt sc senior naveen girls hostal shivpuriHostal5048
16 Pra Aswakha Dhandha Boys Ashram ShivpuriHostal026
17 Prv SC Boys Hostal New Darpan Colony ShivpuriHostal040
18 SC senior boys hostal thakurpura second shivpuriHostal5151
19 SC senior girls hostal Purana kamlaganj shivpuriHostal5050
20 senior boys hostel purnai shivpuriHostal5038
21 Sinior Naveen Boys Hostel TV Tower ShivpuriHostal5050
22 st boys hostal english medium badodi shivpuriHostal5050
23 ST Post Metrik Boys Hostal Vivekanand Colony ShivpHostal3636
24 gov st post matric girls hostal shivpuriHostal5049
25 govt post matric boys hostal second shivpuriHostal5050
26 govt sc boys post matric hostal firstHostal5030
27 ST Excellence Boys Hostel Lal College ke Pas ShivpHostal5450
 Total 12911311