Institute Wise Summary of Verified Welfare Institutions and Hostels Reports

S.No.InstituteInstitute TypeTotal CapacityPresent strength
1 Baiga Balak Ashram Shala PathriHostal6060
2 Boys Pre Maric Hostel BabaliyaHostal5050
3 Boys Pre Maric Hostel ChiraidongriHostal5050
4 Boys Pre Maric Hostel DalakhapaHostal5050
5 Boys Pre Maric Hostel ManegaonHostal5050
6 Boys Pre Maric Hostel NarayanganjHostal5050
7 Boys Pre Maric Hostel Ratanpur ChoukiHostal5050
8 Excellence Girls Pre Matric Hostel NarayanganjHostal5050
9 post metric st boys hostal chhapraHostal5050
10 pree metric girls hostal barbatiHostal5050
11 st boys ashram chatiHostal5050
12 ASHRAM SHALA SALAIYAWelfare Institutes5050
13 BOYS ASHRAM SHALA DOBHIWelfare Institutes5043
14 BOYS ASHRAM SHALA KAPAWelfare Institutes100100
15 BOYS ASHRAM SHALA MAJHGONWelfare Institutes5050
16 BOYS ASHRAM SHALA SINGODHAWelfare Institutes5050
17 GIRL ASHRAM SHALA BARBATIWelfare Institutes5050
18 GIRL ASHRAM SHALA SEONI MALWelfare Institutes5038
19 st girls ashram english narayanganjWelfare Institutes5049
 Total 1010990